Diploma Policy

1. Educational Objectives
One of the main educational objectives in the doctoral program is to develop the types of human resources listed below. Based on the basic and applied academic abilities developed up to the master’s course, this objective can be accomplished through the enhancement of deep knowledge and insight in specialized fields, the ability to improve oneself continually, and the ability to understand basic and related fields and to apply them flexibly. Those human resources are innovative researchers and senior engineers who have extensive knowledge to respond to academic trends and new social and industrial movements, and who can cultivate new academic fields, new technologies, and new industries. We foster company-employed researchers and senior engineers who have sufficient basic academic abilities to cope with rapid advances in science and technology from a higher perspective. We also develop foreign-national researchers and senior engineers who can work actively internationally or as leaders in their home countries.
2. Performance Goals
The graduates shall acquire the following abilities.
  • (1) The ability to propose basic or interdisciplinary research schemes and drive them as a core member
  • (2) The ability to conduct leading-edge research in various fields of science and engineering and disseminate the research results internationally
  • (3) The ability to plan and implement research projects in response to the demand and needs of the welfare and internationalized industrial community, producing creative research results
  • (4) The ability to identify and understand new scientific and technical challenges from global and historical perspectives
3. Attainment Criteria
According to the educational objectives and performance goals for the Graduate School of Science and Engineering (doctoral program), we will grant a doctoral degree when judging that the student has acquired expected advanced abilities based on the following.
  • Students shall be enrolled in the course study for at least three years, during which they receive necessary research guidance.
  • Students shall obtain at least 12 credits according to the completion requirements specified for Science and Engineering.
  • Students shall submit a doctoral thesis and shall pass the thesis examination and final examination.