Educational and Research Objectives

Today’s society has become denser and more developed through the creation of new concepts and the advanced control of information and energy flows. Given this background, one of the educational and research objectives in this course is to foster researchers, engineers, and highly specialized professionals who have the ability to further refine theoretical, hardware and software expertise. These people also must have the ability to conduct innovative research by organically integrating technologies from various fields with a wide range of perspectives. They are expected to become leaders in the world in academia and industry.
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Under the theme of harmonization of human, science, and technology, we provide comprehensive research and education on basic theory, hardware, and software in this course.

In the area of mathematics, we provide research and education on various phenomena in the following three areas: 1) algebraic structures that understand algebraic mechanisms; 2) geometric structures that add spatial consideration; 3) analytical structures that analyze differentials and integrals of functions that appear in mathematical models. In the area of electrical and electronic systems, we are actively conducting education and research in a wide range of electrical and electronic information communications fields, including the field of electronic materials and devices for research related to optoelectronics and integrated circuits, the field of information communication and circuit systems for research related to wireless communications and computers, and the field of energy and control systems for research related to robots and power. In the area of information, we provide research and education that uniformly covers a wide range of fields, including mathematical information science, which pursues basic information theory and its application, computer science, which handles basic science and technology for computers and networks, and media informatics centered on cooperation with humans and society.