Diploma Policy

1. Educational Objectives
One of the main educational objectives in the master’s program is to develop the types of human resources listed below. This objective can be accomplished through advanced specialized education that allows students to learn a broad range of related basic and applied knowledge outside each specialized field, by emphasizing the consistency with specialized undergraduate education, and based on basic specialized education at an undergraduate level.
  • (A)Human resources who have a solid foundation for developing into highly creative researchers at an international level
  • (B)Highly skilled engineers who can play a leading role in the next-generation internationalized industrial society
2. Performance Goals
The graduates shall acquire the following abilities.
  • (1) Advanced knowledge and academic abilities in specialized fields
  • (2) Basic knowledge and academic abilities in interdisciplinary areas related to specialized fields
  • (3) The ability to understand international scientific papers and technical materials, and the ability to accurately disseminate research results in Japan and abroad.
  • (4) The ability to accurately perform given tasks in research activities
  • (5) The ability to contribute to society by fully understanding given social responsibilities from a global perspective
  • (6) The ability to enter a doctoral program and continue pursuing their studies
3. Attainment Criteria
According to the educational objectives and performance goals for the Graduate School of Science and Engineering (master’s course) and each major/course, we will grant a master’s degree when judging that the student has acquired expected abilities based on the following.
  • Students shall be enrolled in the course for at least two years, during which they receive the necessary education and research guidance.
  • Students shall obtain at least 30 credits according to the completion requirements specified for each major and course.
  • Students shall submit a master’s thesis and pass the thesis examination and final examination.