To current and future community members of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering

Based on your curiosity, you can learn a wide range of academic knowledge from high-level basic research to applied research directly connected to the industry here at the Graduate School of Science and Engineering under our excellent teaching staff. Additionally, we collaborate with various research institutes to provide you knowledge of frontier fields, such as RIKEN, the Saitama International Center for Environmental Sciences, the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, the Saitama Cancer Center, and the Saitama Industrial Technology Center.

The progress of science and technology in recent years is remarkable, still developing more deeply and widely. The society required you to deepen the field you are specializing in and grow to excellent researchers and engineers that have a piece of extensive knowledge. We foster high-level researchers and engineers required by modern society, through a flexible curriculum that enables students to study in a wide range of fields with highly specialized teaching staffs.

Another characteristic of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering is that a large number of international students are enrolled. Since there is no border in academics, it seems it is not appropriate to say, “international student.” Through a discussion with the excellent teaching staff, the researchers, and the students coming from all over the world, students enable to learn a different perspective and various ways of thinking. That is one of the characteristics of our graduate programs.

“Natural laws” always underlies natural science with no regard for the field of science or engineering. Though I believe that the mission of science is to discover natural laws and that of engineering is to apply them to create technologies to enrich society or humankind, the most important thing is to understand the natural laws, in any case thoroughly. I am a native engineer and believe that a deeper understanding of natural laws can create superior new technology that contributes to the development of society. From this point of view, the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, which fuses “science” and “engineering” is an ideal place for both scientists and engineers that can learn, stimulate, and further grow each other.

In modern science and technology, the truths to be revealed and the tasks to be solved have become more sophisticated and complicated. Therefore, both acquisition of vast knowledge and practice of logical thinking are required to succeed as an excellent international scientist or engineer. Such opportunities exist only at a minimal time in your long life, and that is precisely the time when you learn in Graduate School. I recommend that you should spend your precious time with us during you have clear and flexible thinking and enough time.

Our teaching staff and I will support your learning to develop your ability as a scientist or an engineer as much as we can!

Dean of Graduate School of Science and Engineering
Hideki Kurokawa