1. The purpose and overview of the Course Term Extension

Course term for Master’s Course is 2 years and for Doctoral Course is 3 years. However, for students who do not have enough time for studies due to their occupation or for some other reasons, the Course term may be extended up to 4 years for Master’s Course and up to 6 years for Doctoral Course. This condition applies not only for new students, but for current students as well who meet the necessary requirements. The student who was once allowed to extend the course term can also apply to shorten his/her course term prior the next academic year.

2. Conditions for Course Term Extension

Students who have difficulties in taking courses under the circumstances of having occupation or for other reasons may apply for Course Term Extension. Such students may not have enough time to study as full time students and may have difficulties due to his/her employment. Such reasons may include: regular employment, casual employment, being a household, taking care of elderly or kids. The following reasons shall be considered as unacceptable for Course Term Extension approval:
  • the student has no special circumstance or reasons
  • the student has poor academic performance

3. Application for Course Term Extension

The application form should be submitted as following:
New students During admission procedure
Current students enrolled in April From 1st February to the end of February
Current students enrolled in October From 1st August to 31st August

4. Examples of the Course Term Extension and Tuition fee

As a general rule, tuition fee for Course Term Extension is established for 2 years for Master’s Course and 3 years for Doctoral Course despite of their course term. In case a current student is admitted for 3 years extended course term, at the beginning of the second year the amount of tuition fee will be higher than regular tuition fee. In case the tuition fee has been revised during the extended course term, a new revised tuition fee will be applied for the following academic year.

Examples of annual tuition fee for whom entered in 2012

  • Regular annual tuition fee for standard 2 years Master’s course term is: ¥535,800
  • Annual tuition fee for 3 years extended course is: ¥357,200
  • Annual tuition fee for 4 years of extended course: ¥267,900