Educational and Research Objectives

In this course, we conduct creative, basic, and leading-edge research in science and engineering mainly by collaborating teachers at collaborating institutions and teachers who promote our priority research. One of the main educational and research objectives in this course is to educate graduate students through these studies and to develop researchers/engineers and highly specialized professionals who have knowledge and research competency in that and related fields and can play a core role in the future.

Particle Space Science Area

Launch of X-ray observation satellite “SUZAKU”
In this area, we aim to develop young researchers who will play a core role in the areas of atomic nuclei, high-energy cosmophysics, non-accelerator physics, and the peripheral areas pursued in Japan, through collaborative research with RIKEN, including experimental research on nuclear physics using unstable particles generated from heavy-ion accelerators, observation of gamma rays in the process of heavy element synthesis in space, theoretical research on the heavy element synthesis process itself, and development research on particle detectors and space radiation measuring devices.

Integrated Electronics Area

This area was established based on a cooperation agreement between Saitama University and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. In this area, we aim to develop researchers in the field of integrating advanced applied research and basic research on high-density electronic hardware system integration technology and power electronic devices based on wide-gap semiconductors.

Brain Science Area

High-resolution median sagittal section of a human brain using a nuclear magnetic resonator
In this area, we provide advanced education in brain science through cutting-edge research on the brain and peripheral brain linkages in close cooperation between Saitama University and the Center for Neurological Research, RIKEN. We aim to develop researchers capable of flexibly responding to basic through applied fields in life science and related fields. These human resources are expected to play a central role in research in these fields in Japan and abroad.