Separation of educational and research organizations

Since April 2006, Saitama University has significantly changed its organization in the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Engineering, and the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, separating the educational and research organizations to focus more on graduate schools. Before the reorganization, all teachers belonged to individual faculties, but they now belong to the Research Department, the Graduate School of Science and Engineering. Postgraduate students belong to the Education Department, Graduate School of Science and Engineering. Each teacher comes from the Research Department to the Education Department or each faculty to educate students in the master’s program, the doctoral program, or under-graduate programs. Programs for the master’s course were reconstructed into a transdisciplinary science and engineering system. Because a six-year integrated education from the undergraduate course through the master’s course is desirable for standard students, appropriate courses are provided under each program to ensure the continuity between each department of a faculty and the program. On the other hand, programs for the doctoral course were unified into the Science and Engineering Program, in which six courses are available to strike a balance between specialties, interdisciplinarity, and science and engineering transdisciplinarity.