Special Announcement: The ERC is back in Person!

We are happy to announce that the ERC is now in person again so please stop by the actual ERC room at Saitama University and join us! Click here for the ERC Schedule.

(Note: Currently, we are also still offering ERC sessions online for students who would like to join that way. See the video below for how to join online).

Introducing the ERC and Related Courses

ERC facilitators Stacey Vye, Leander Hughes and Adriana Edwards Wurzinger introduce the ERC and related CEED courses that can help students build their English skills to prepare for studying abroad and life as a global citizen.

More About the ERC

English Resource Center (ERC)
(photo by Aram Lee)

As English teachers, we understand that it is difficult to improve your English skills and increase your vocabulary when you are not exposed to very much spoken English. As such, the English Resource Center (ERC) is a place where students can come to increase their exposure to English in a variety of ways.

Located in the heart of the CEED, the ERC is a casual, relaxed environment where students have the opportunity to freely ask questions and to have regular conversation practice with native English-speaking teachers. They are also able to meet other students who want to actively improve their English.

There is a variety of information available for students who come to the ERC, including English text books, study guides, information on TOEIC, as well as cultural and study abroad information and magazines from many different countries around the world. While visiting the ERC, a student is able to read English magazines and newspapers, use the library for research, and play various games in English. In addition, students can check out and take home English-language DVDs, videos, reading books, and music CDs.

The English Resource Center at Saitama University has been created for students who are interested in improving their English, whether it be for professional or personal reasons. We are dedicated to providing a space where you can increase your knowledge of the English language. We hope you will visit us and look forward to meeting you.


See the video below for how to get to the CEED ERC from our university's front gate!


Click here for the current ERC Schedule.


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Online Resources for Students

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If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions about the ERC, please contact ERC Advisor Stacey Vye.

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