Stacey Vye

Stacey Vye
(photo by Aram Lee)

Stacey joined the Saitama University Center for English Education and Development (CEED) in 2008. She has been told numerous times by people of various cultures, faiths, and backgrounds that she is a genuine people-person. Her research and classroom practices are influenced by English as a second or other language, early childhood education, socio-political and economic equality, and language gains through empowerment, tutorials, and literacy. Her research interests include how it is never wrong to be oneself, have compassion for others, reflection, and how learner and teacher autonomy contribute to refreshing ways of learning.

Contact Details:

Office Hours: In principle on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 3pm to 5pm, by appointment, and/or when the lights are on in her office.


Tel: 048-858-9244 (in Japan) or +82-48-858-9244 (International)

Course Website:

Joint & Single Authored Papers Available Online:

Advising Practices: A Survey of Self-Access Learner Motivations and Preferences

The Growth of an Out-of-Class Learning Community through Autonomous Socialization at a Self-Access Center

The Road Less Traveled: LD-Sig Roundtable Reflections

Diversified Use of a Self-access Center

Reflections on Nakasendo /LD-SIG Multi-session Workshop on Self-assessment

Self-reflection for Teacher Autonomy: What's in It for Us and Why Do We Give

Autonomy Facilitators Speak Out!

Exploring Critical Moments of Change in Our Learning and Teaching Lives

Learner Development Forum: Empowering Learners for Class and Beyond

We Don't Know Why Our Learners are Autonomous

Teaching Autonomy: Resolving the Paradox

Teaching Autonomy: Exploring the Paradox

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