The Global Youth Program

The purpose of the Global Youth (GY) Program is to enable students to think and act globally and solve global issues. Students who join this program study abroad from one semester to one year and do an internship at an organization or private company in a developing country after coming back to Japan. Students who want to join this program need to have a high English proficiency and pass a selective test that consists of a short-essay and an interview. After entering this program, you will be able to learn about various global issues and sustainable development challenges such as poverty, income disparity, public health, protection of the environment, climate change, food security, and peace keeping, which will help you to tackle these issues after graduation as a global citizen. This program will be a challenging and wonderful experience for you. Why don't you join us?

Learn More About the Global Youth Program

For more information about the Global Youth Program, please visit the website or inquire at the GY desk in the Office of International Affairs (国際室).

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