Jason White

Narcissus by Caravaggio

Jason has taught at Saitama University since 2007 and very much enjoys the atmosphere of competency which his fellow instructors help create. Too many times he has been confined to teaching positions that neither challenged him nor aided in reversing his rather pessimistic appraisal of humanity. SaiDai, however, has been a refreshing change, and he hopes to be stalking the halls for some time. Jason is extremely busy with class preparation and simply raw teaching time, and he has six little birds at home who greet him with choruses of "Daddy, Daddy!" the moment he walks in the door. What an easy job he has--able to make the day of seven people simply by walking in the door.

Jason did his undergraduate work at a private university in Ohio and received his Master's degree from California State University, where he dauntlessly wrote his thesis on Moby-Dick, an evil book, by Melville's own admission, but so attractive in its wickedness. He has done actually very little in the way of publishing in regards to his career, instead being more interested in creative writing. He loves writing poetry and reading aloud stuff that is much better than he could have ever written.

Office Location & Hours

Location: CEED Part-time Instructors Office

Hours: (email Jason to make an appointment)

Contact Details

Email: whitedaigaku@gmail.com

Office Telephone: 048-858-9265

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