Scheme of Education

The Master's program
This program contains six programs and 13 departments. Emphasizing consistency with the specialized education students receive at the undergraduate level, the master’s program builds on the basic undergraduate education in the student’s field of specialization to teach the specialized subjects of each department. The master’s program structure enables students to acquire a broad range of relevant knowledge, from basic to applied science. Once students compile the studies they have conducted over two years (standard term of study) into their master’s thesis and complete the master’s program, they will earn either a Master of Science or Master of Engineering degree.

Doctoral studies
There are six courses within the Program in Science and Engineering. This program is designed to allow students to build on the foundations of basic and applied knowledge acquired through their master’s program to increase their depth of knowledge in their field of specialization and to conduct interdisciplinary research that combines the topics of science and engineering. What is especially notable is the Course in Joint Frontier Studies, which includes five sub-courses. These are taught either by professors who concurrently teach two of the key research themes of Saitama University, “Molecular Environmental Science and Engineering” and “Synthetic Information Biology,” or by guest instructors from partner research institutions. Once students compile the studies they have conducted over three years (standard term of study) into their doctoral dissertation and complete the doctoral program, they will earn either a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D), Doctor of Sciences, or Doctor of Engineering degree.

Scheme of Education

Master's Program

 There exist 6 programs and 13 courses in master's program.
Details of Programs and Courses

Program Course
Life Science  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Regulatory Biology
Physics and Functional Materials Science  Physics
Functional Materials Science
Chemistry  Chemistry
Applied Chemistry
Mathematics, Electronics and Informatics   Mathematics
Electrical and Electronic Systems
Information and Computer Sciences
Mechanical Engineering and Science  Mechanical Engineering
Environmental Science and Civil Engineering  International Program on Civil and Environmental Engineering
Environmental Science and Technology

Doctoral Program

 There exist 1 program and 6 courses in doctoral program.
Details of Program and Courses

Program Course
Science and Engineering      Life Science
Material Science
Mathematics, Electronics and Informatics
CMechanical Engineering and Science
Environmental Science and Infrastructure Engineering
Joing Frontier Studies

Teaching Staff

 The list of specialized fields of teaching staff.

Course Term Extension Program

 A student can apply for "Course term extension program" to extend the term to study/research in the graduate school, if it is difficult to satisfy the requirements for program completion within the standard term because of some reasen such as she/he is an employee.
  Details of Course Term Extension Program

Facilities for Education and Research

 Common facilities for education and research in Saitama Univeristy.
  Details of the facilities