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Credit Acquirement and Research Guidance

(1) Registering for Classes

  1. Students must take more than 30 academic credits (for the master’s program) and another 12 credits (for the doctoral program) in classes that are included in their department/course.
  2. If deemed to be of positive educational benefit, students may also take classes in other departments/courses or in other graduate schools of Saitama University.
  3. The number of credits that can be earned by taking the classes indicated above in item (2) is 10 (for master’s degree courses) or 6 (for doctoral degree courses), and these can be included in the credit requirements indicated above in item (1).
  4. If a student expects to have difficulty completing their studies within the standard term of study due to full-time employment or other circumstances, he/she can extend his/her term of study for a fixed period and may complete his/her coursework in a systematic manner over the course of that period. This is known as the long-term study program. If a student takes advantage of this program, the total amount of tuition he/she will pay is the ordinary amount for a standard term (two years for the master’s program, three years for the doctoral program), regardless of the length of time he/she will actually spend taking courses.

(2) Research Guidance

Master's Program

  A faculty member guides the student's research work as an advisor, who is selected based on the student's wish on research topic.

Doctoral Program

 To guide the student's research work, an appropriate advisory team is organized from one primary advisor and two or more secondary advisors, who are selected based on the student's wish on research topic. At least one advisor must be a full time faculty member of Saitama University.