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1.6 平成19年度発表論文など
• Kawakami, H., Tingatinga, E. and Chang, H.Y., Three-dimensional Seismic Dam-
age Simulation of Wooden Houses Using Rigid Body-Spring Method, Earthquake
Resistant Engineering Structures VI, WIT Press, Vol. 93, pp.421-430, 2007.
• Kawakami, H., Mogi, H. and Tingatinga, E., A Note on Spatial Variations in Re-
sponse Spectra of Earthquake Ground Motions, ISET Journal of Earthquake Tech-
nology, Vol. 44, No. 1, 2007.
• Kawakami, H., Tingatinga, E. and Chang, H.Y., Seismic Retrofitting of Wood-
framed Buildings Using Three-Dimensional Rigid Body-Spring Method, First In-
ternational Workshop on Performance, Protection & Strengthening of Structures
under Extreme Loading, PROTECT2007, 2007.
• Suzuki, K., Bardet, J.P., Oda, M., Iwashita, K., Tsuji, Y., Tanaka, T. and Kawaguchi,
T., Simulation of Upward Seepage Flow Behavior Using One-Column Model by
DEM Taking an Interaction with Fluid into Account, J. Geotech. and Geoenvir.
Engrg., ASCE, Volume 133, Issue 1, pp. 104-109. 2007.
• Mogi H. and Kawakami H., Analysis of Scattered Waves on Ground with Irregu-
lar Topography Using the Direct Boundary Element Method and Neumann Series
Expansion, Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America,Vol.97, No.4, pp.1144-
1157, 2007.
茂木秀則, 川上英二:境界要素−摂動解法による起伏地形の散乱波の波形の検討,土
木学会論文集A,Vol. 63, No. 3 pp.454-463, 2007
• Rhommel, G., Mogi, H. and Kawakami, H., Basement Rock in Metro Manila,
Philippines Inferred Using Receiver Function Analyses of Strong Motion Accelero-
grams, IUGG XXIV General Assembly, 2007.
• Rhommel, G., Mogi, H. and Kawakami, H., Identification of Basement Rock Be-
neath Kanto Plain by Normalized Input-output Minimization (NIOM) Method and
Conventional Receiver Function Using Strong Motion Accelerograms, IUGG XXIV
General Assembly, 2007.
井澤淳,斉藤知哉,伊藤秀行,上野誠,桑野二郎, 改良土とジオグリッドを組み合わ
せた補強土壁の地震時挙動に関する研究, 地盤工学ジャーナル, Vol.2, No.2, pp.73-86,
• Izawa, J., Saitoh, T., Itoh, H., Ueno, M. and Kuwano, J., Seismic behavior of re-
inforced soil wall combined with soil cement, Proceedings of 2007 Taiwan-Japan
Symposium on the Advancement of Urban Earthquake Hazard Mitigation Technol-
ogy, Taiwan, September 26-27, 2007, pp.33-40, 2007.