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Fields of Specialization

The Faculty of Education comprises the following two training courses, three courses, and 17 fields of specialization.

Training Course for School Teachers

Comprehensive Education Course

School Education

Students comprehensively learn about education from a multidisciplinary approach that includes perspectives from philosophy of education, history, sociology, and gender studies. An important feature of this field of specialization is the format of the small, intimate seminars that students start to take in their second year. These are designed to support the growth of each and every student.
>>School Education Website(Japanese)

Educational Psychology and Counseling

The Educational Psychology and Counseling field of specialization strives to cultivate teachers who understand children and can assist their growth from many different perspectives, including children’s development, learning, interpersonal and social relationships, and character formation. Students study such fields as developmental psychology, clinical psychology, social psychology and the psychology of teaching and learning.
>>Educational Psychology and Counseling Website(Japanese)

Clinical Study of Education

Many different challenges are faced in real-life educational settings. Thus, the Clinical Study of Education promotes learning and research based on a dialogue with those in real-life settings.
>>Clinical Study of Education Website(Japanese)

Modern Symbiosis Education Course

Collaboration Education

This field of specialization strives to cultivate teachers who can develop education not only internally in their schools but also in collaboration with a variety of actors, including parents of students, local residents, and experts, and to cultivate teachers who will be able to provide social education and citizen education outside of the school environment.
>>Collaboration Education Website(Japanese)

Early Childhood Care and Education

Students will be equipped to pursue their nursery teacher’s licenses, kindergarten teacher’s licenses, or elementary school teacher’s licenses. Lessons will help students develop the theoretical knowledge, techniques, and practical skills they will need to care for and educate children from birth to elementary school age.
>>Early Childhood Care and Education Website(Japanese)

Special Needs Education

This field of specialization cultivates teachers who can teach and support students with disabilities. It offers theoretical and practical study for educating students with disabilities, especially intellectual disability, physical impairments and developmental disability (learning disability, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and others).
>>Education for Indieviduals with Disabilities Websit(Japanese)

Subject Education Course

Japanese Education

In this field of specialization, students not only gain a deeper understanding of the Japanese language but also study Japanese literature from the ancient to the modern period, Chinese literature and culture, calligraphy (which is the art of producing characters), and various sectors concerning Japanese-language education.
>>Japanese Education Website(Japanese)

Social Studies Education

In this field of specialization, students learn about all aspects of human activity, that is, how societies behave. To do this, student can take classes covering a broad range of subjects, including geography, history, law, ethics, sociology, political science, economics, and social studies education.
>>Social Studies Education Website(Japanese)

Mathematics Education

This field of specialization strives to cultivate specialized and enthusiastic math teachers who have an advanced level of knowledge and skills in this field. This field of specialization offers classes in subjects that include algebra, geometry, analysis, mathematical science, and mathematics education as well as programs for assessing the study of mathematics and arithmetic from advanced perspectives.
>>Mathematics Education Website(Japanese)

Science Education

This field of specialization helps students learn to convey to children the fun and excitement of learning, understanding, and enjoying nature. Students will take classes in physics, chemistry, biology, earth and space science, and science education, among other subjects.
>>Science Education Website(Japanese)

Music Education

Music is a gateway to an unseen but important world. Our field of music education offers a variety of specialized classes to help students get closer to this world. Students can study such subjects as music education, musicology, instrumental music, vocal music, composition and conducting.
>> Music Education Website(Japanese)

Art Education

Art field of specialization comprises five fields: drawing, sculpture, design, industrial arts, and art education. Over the course of four years, students will explore the breadth and depth of artistic expression and gain a deep appreciation of the importance of education grounded in Art.
>>Art Education Website(Japanese)

Health and Physical Education

Physical education in a school is the original subject which provides students with enjoyment of physical activities and helps them understand importance of health. The purpose of this course is to develop leading persons in the health and physical education field.
The professors in this course help students acquire three types of skills or knowledge necessary for physical education teachers or elementary school teachers. The first one is the sport skills in which students specialize, such as judo, creative dance, track and field, basketball, volleyball, and soccer. They are trained through regular lessons and extracurricular activities. The second one is extensive basic motor skills used in various sports. The students in this course are expected to refine the basic motor skills because both physical education teachers and elementary school teachers have to teach these skills in physical education classes. The third one is the fundamental concepts and theories of health and physical education. In order to be a leading person in the health and physical education field, students need to learn not only motor skills but also concepts and theories of health and physical education. It is essential that students delve into the substance of health and physical education, recognize their roles in historical, social, cultural contexts, and have a proper understanding of theories on motor control and learning.
>>Health and Physical Education Website(Japanese)

Technology Education

In this field of specialization, students learn diverse, attractive, and specialized technologies ranging from the origin of technologies to conventional and advanced technologies, including material processing, energy conversion, information and communication, and cultivation and biological technology. Students also learn theories and methods of technology education experientially through experiments and practical exercises.
>>Technology Education Website(Japanese)

Home Economics Education

This field of specialization cultivates elementary, junior high, and high school teachers who have systematically studied home economics and cherish the idea that we create our own lives. Students will learn multifaceted approaches from fields that include children, family resource management, clothing, food, and living design.
>>Home Economics Education(Japanese)

English Education

Students in this field of specialization are to acquire a global perspective in a new era and gain expertise in theory and in practice to teach English effectively at each level of elementary, junior high, and senior high schools. Students are expected to take a variety of courses covering important topics in English linguistics, English literature, and English language education.
>>English Education Website(Japanese)

Training Course for School Health Nursing Teachers

Based on the broad foundations of the many health-related sciences and the science of education, this training course cultivates school health nursing teachers/Yogo-Teachers with the flexibility and skills they need to conduct in-depth studies of the contemporary health issues facing children and find solutions to those issues.
>>Training Course for School Health Nursing Teachers/ Yogo-Teachers Website(Japanese)

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